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Choose from 40+ discount dental plans | 100,000 dentists and growing | Plans start at $79.95 a year

40+ Dental Discount Plans

Affordable Alternatives to Dental Insurance
• Dental discount plans from only $79.95 per year
• No paperwork, no annual limits, no health restrictions
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Affordable Individual and Family Discount Dental Plans

If you are looking for convenient access to affordable dental care for you and your family, discount dental plans offer an easy-to-use alternative to costly dental insurance.

Click here to view more than 30 national and regional discount dental plans. Just enter your ZIP code to conveniently compare the discount dental plans in your area to determine which one best suits your particular dental care needs.

Join a discount dental plan today and start saving 10% to 60% on most dental services when you visit a participating dentist! Discount dental plans offer discounted rates for most dental procedures like oral exams, teeth cleanings, x-rays and fillings. Many plans also provide savings on dental specialty services like braces (orthodontics), root canals, tooth extractions, crowns and even cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening, veneers, bonding and more. Discount dental plans are not dental insurance policies. They are dental discount programs designed to save you money at the dentist.

Try our Browse or Compare plans search tools to view the sample savings and benefits offered by our money-saving discount dental plans. Please enter your ZIP code in the box below to view the discount dental plans available in your area.

Are your teeth and gums in bad shape? Are you experiencing pain and need to see a dentist right away? We can help! Click here to start saving money on your dental care at a participating dentist near you with an affordable discount dental plan. Plus, since most discount dental plans activate in a few days, you can begin saving at the dentist without delay!

Employees Benefit from Discount Dental Plans
Discount dental plans are an ideal option for individuals and families that want to save money on their dental care bills. Fewer employers are providing their employees with dental insurance, so there are a lot of people who are not offered dental insurance benefits at work. Even when dental insurance is provided, there are still many limitations involved. Discount dental plans are a great alternative to dental insurance since they do not have many of the restrictions commonly associated with traditional dental insurance policies.

It used to be that employers provided their employees with “benefit packages” typically consisting of health benefits, dental benefits and more. Employees had a very limited choice (if any) about the coverage that was selected. However, the increasing costs of health and dental care benefits have forced many companies to restructure their “benefit packages.” Essentially, this often translates to fewer benefits for the employee.

Discount dental plans provide the only viable alternative. They are a solution that works for everyone. Employers get to reduce their cost per employee while still providing an essential benefit to their employees. Most importantly, the employee doesn’t have to sacrifice dental care or treatment that is vital to their overall health.

Individuals and Families Save Money with Discount Dental Plans
Saving money on your dental care is easy with an easy-to-use discount dental plan. Simply enter your ZIP code to find a plan in your area. We’ve done all the research for you and have collected the best discount dental plans available for you to select from. Compare the prices and sample savings of all the discount dental plans near you before choosing the one that is right for you and your family.

Click here to find an individual or family discount dental plan in your area and start saving money on your smile!

Sample Savings for ZIP code 47201

Procedure Description Usual Fee 1 Discounted Fee
(for Plan Members) 2
Member Savings Savings Percentage
Routine 6 Month Check-Up $57 $21 $36 63%
In Depth Check-Up $99 $31 $68 69%
Full Mouth X-Rays $144 $60 $84 58%
Four Bitewing X-Rays $70 $27 $43 61%
Panoramic Film $122 $47 $75 61%
Adult Teeth Cleaning $102 $47 $55 54%
Child Teeth Cleaning $75 $32 $43 57%
Protective Sealant / Tooth $61 $27 $34 56%
1 Surface White Filling for U or L Front Tooth $175 $61 $114 65%
Single Crown - Porcelain on High Noble Metal $1,227 $546 $681 56%
Single Crown - Porcelain on Noble Metal $1,162 $501 $661 57%
Core Build-Up With Pins $296 $91 $205 69%
Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth $826 $316 $510 62%
Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid $967 $369 $598 62%
Root Canal Treatment - Molar $1,170 $498 $672 57%
Perio Scaling and Root Planing (Per Quadrant) $271 $101 $170 63%
Full Upper Denture $1,855 $716 $1,139 61%
Tooth Replacement Part of Permanent Bridge $1,197 $515 $682 57%
Single Tooth Removal - Simple Extraction $197 $56 $141 72%